Davis Speaks to Association of Independent Funeral Homes of Virginia (IFHV)

On May 23 and 24, J. Anderson Davis conducted continuing education for the Association of Independent Funeral Homes of Virginia (IFHV)in Wintergreen, Virginia. Mr. Davis served as Lead and Liaison Counsel for over 56 Funeral Homes in the class action lawsuit filed by family members over the crematory practices of Tri-State Crematory. He spoke about the his expereinces and the needed due diligence of Funeral Directors and Cramtionists. 

Mr. Davis continues to be asked to speak to Funeral Groups to discuss the events surrounding Tri-State Crematory and the Funeral Directors who contracted with Tri-State to use the services of the Marsh Family.

For details about the case, see In re Tri-State Crematory Litigation, 215 F.R.D. 660 (N.D. Ga 2003) (Order, Aug. 16, 2002).