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Welcome Diane Ogletree

The Law Firm of Brinson, Askew, Berry, Seigler, Richardson & Davis welcomes its new Firm Administrator, Diane Ogletree. Mrs. Ogletree will succeed Sally Muschamp as Firm Administrator. Mrs. Muschamp retires at the end of 2005. Mrs. Muschamp first organized Brinson and Askew in 1975, and then Brinson, Askew & Berry. After a stint in Gainesville, Florida, Mrs. Muschamp returned to Brinson, Askew & Berry to serve as the Firm Administrator. She has served in this role for over 15 years. 

As Mrs. Muschamp helps to train Mrs. Ogletree and during the transition, the Firm welcomes Mrs. Ogletree. Mrs. Ogletree comes to Brinson, Askew, Berry, Seigler, Richardson & Davis from Darlington School.

From the Rome News Tribune, Young Romans:

Darlington Middle School has said goodbye to administrative assistant Diane Ogletree. The students on Sept. 20 had a party for Ms. Ogletree. We had cupcakes and a cake. The students presented four black books that everyone signed with their thoughts and best wishes. The next day, the teachers of Darlington Middle School gave a special lunch at the Huffman Center for Ms. Ogletree.

Diane Ogletree is a graduate of Thornwood. She came in 1973 to be a secretary. People know her as, the “back bone” of the middle school. Mr. Van Es, the principal of the middle school, says she is the most trustworthy and honest person he has met since he has been here. Mr. Van Es and Ms. McLeod think a lot of Ms. Ogletree. “She is always smiling, willing to help and is a good example,” says Ms. McLeod. Mr. Van Es says “She has
helped make this school a wonderful place to be; she was the boss, not me.” They both have strong feelings for Mrs. Ogletree. They are happy for this great opportunity ahead, but are sad to see her leave.

Ms. Ogletree has worked at Darlington Middle School for 14 years. She absolutely loved working at Darlington Middle School. The most special thing about her job is encouraging the children and watching them succeed. Ms. Ogletree is very upset about leaving, but thinks it is a great opportunity. The main thing Ms. Ogletree is going to miss is the students and the faculty. All the faculty and students think she has been a wonderful person to work with.

We will miss Ms. Ogletree and hope she has a great time with her new job. The authors of this article are Taylor Flournoy, Anna Grace Rutledge and Allie MacKimm who are students at Darlington Middle School.