Bob Brinson Recognized for Serving as Attorney for the City of Rome for 40 Years

Founding Partner of Brinson, Askew, Berry, Seigler, Richardson & Davis, LLP, Robert M. Brinson was 28 years old when Bruce Hamler, then City Manager for the City of Rome appointed Brinson as City Attorney. Bruce Hamler, after having witnessed Bob Brinson as an adversary against the City of Rome, said he was so impressed with Brinson that he wanted him handling matters for the City of Rome. Forty years later, Bob Brinson remains City Attorney.

In a previous interview with the Rome News-Tribune, Brinson was asked what experience best prepared him for his career. Brinson responded, "One thing was that I was appointed city attorney early on. I was 28 years old. Representing the city is not only an honor but it’s a terrific teacher. There’s such a variety of issues that a city faces. It’s like representing a big corporation." Brinson credited Bruce Hamler as one of the biggest influence on his career saying, "He chose to stick with us as his lawyers even though we were a fledgling firm. He’s been a blessing for the City of Rome."

Bob continues to represent the City of Rome and many large corporations in complex litigation in state and federal courts. See the website, for more information about Bob Brinson and the Firm.